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Search Advert
Sponsored Search advertising delivers expanded placement and increased product awareness. It's an easy, measurable, cost-effective way to advertise your product on our site. With the search ads you can advertise your product or brand on a banner which appears beside search results to your location.

 Point of Sale Advert
Point-Of-Sale Ads offer an easy and direct means of communicating with your customers right at the point of sale. These ads are designed to display relevant information about your products, thereby helping to increase your brand awareness and conversion. There are a range of ad placements available with Point-Of-Sale Ads. We also offer ads on the landing pages and confirmation pages that enable you to display detailed offers, branding elements, multiple images and more.

 Banner Advert
Take advantage of the vast real estate available on our website by creating banners to advertise your products or brand. There are different banner specifications and locations available to suit your advertising needs.

Mobile Adverts
Tap into the vast mobile reach on our mobile site version to target your audience on the go.  We also have mobile app for smart phones including Blackberry, iphones and similar devices. So your adverts will be right in the palm of your target audience.


Social Media Solutions
Social Media Solutions helps you advertise your products and interact with our fans and followers on our Social Media platforms. Our social media ad partnership will also help you grow your own social following by integrating with a suite of carefully crafted social media opportunities. These opportunities range from integrating Facebook social plug-ins onsite to co-branded promotions and contests across multiple social platforms to promote your brand.


Newsletters System
This is a targeted advertising opportunity to customers who have subscribed to receive continuous communication from Nigeria Travel Digest. These include travel updates, rates and promotions. Nigeria Travel Digest provides you with the ability to utilize targeted communication to improve the relevance and timeliness of your messages to our customers.

Nigeria Travel Digest sends out a variety of emails to get the conversation going between you and our customers and will work with you on finding the right fit for your industry and objective. Nigeria Travel Digest email marketing provide the perfect platform for publicizing specific promotions or sales.


The best part is we deploy a verifiable computerized accessement system to display the reach, responses and impacts of your campaign on our portal over a given period of time. The systems we use are standard, and universally accepted methods of measuring advertisements success online.

For more information email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +234 8037071130 (Joesef Karim)

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