Large Data Applications are Effective for the Tourism Industry

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Just by measuring the huge amount of information that travelers have left around the internet about their likings, habits and preferences the sector can personalize services and adapt to the demand.

Airline and DHL Partner for Cargo Logistics in Africa

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The company will be based in Ethiopia and do business in the entire continent of Africa, enhancing Ethiopia’s logistics infrastructure and connections.

Medview Airlifted 320 Pilgrims to Mecca

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A statement from the airline indicated that it is scheduled to airlift no fewer than 2001 passengers from Lagos alone and has a total of 10,000 pilgrims out of the 95,0000 Nigerian pilgrims billed to go to the Holy Land of Mecca this year.

West Africa and Travellers’ Ordeals Across Borders

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The desire of people in West Africa is to commute with ease from one part of the coast to the other, for business or leisure. And the founding fathers in the region endorsed this by embarking on different integration schemes to foster cooperation and development among member states; the most important among all being the Free Movement Protocol. In May 1979, ECOWAS member States adopted their first protocol relating to the Free Movement of Persons, Residence and Establishment.

Medview boost 2018 hajj Operations with new Aircraft

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The Chief Executive Officer of the airline, Alhaji Muneer Bankole made this known in Lagos. He said the aircraft was purchased through lease with a facility from FirstBank of Nigeria Limited.

FTAN Calls for Tourism Sector Intervention Fund

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The Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) the umbrella body for Nigeria’s private sector tourism business practitioners, just held their 21st Annual Gemerald Meeting in Abuja on July 11, 2018. At the event,  the president of FTAN insisted that the government should consider the establishment of Tourism Police at major tourist destinations in Nigeria.

Africa Open Sky: Namibia Airline Debuts in Nigeria

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For Air Namibia Spokesman, Paul Nakawa, the first departure of Air Namibia to Accra from Lagos, Nigeria on June 29, 2018 was a major milestone for the airline.

Nigeria Fashion Trends Find Markets Abroad

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Lagos, Nigeria - The roads are empty, the only signs of life are birds chirping and foremen working the courtyards. It is early morning in Lagos' affluent Lekki area, and a makeup artist is rushing to get Sandra Tubobereni ready for a busy day ahead.

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