Culture: Telling Buhari Story in Five Years

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To the Nigerian tourism community, President Mohammadu Buhari certainly did not factor Culture and Tourism in his game plan to revive the Nigerian economy. The octane voices of aggressive lobbyists for the new economy under the Buhari government, had no time and space to lubricate the biggest driver new jobs and rural development and it caused some of us the palpitations of the heart.

Agenda Setting for the Creative Industry

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As a Cultural tourism development columnist, getting to grab Frontline interventions on everyday happenings in the battered sector is like waking up drunk and not knowing the way to the restroom.

Please don't ask if I had ever been drunk but am sufficiently aware through watching Ali Baba and co on comedy shows that drunkards do stagger off the line just to pee.

Runsewe and the Good Samaritans

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We are supposed to get real groves out of the expected and very timely intervention by the federal government to unbundle Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation ( NTDC).

Last week, we announced that shopping for the right person (s) for the tourism agency must begin in ernest in view of the Orosanye report which placed a full commercialized status on its activities.

Let me report that several calls were received based on the publication, many wondering what are there for NTDC to sell or market, while others provided deep and thoughtful angles to the process. The calls are still coming and am taking notes, researching and taking certain hard look about our cultural, tourism environment and the possible future outlook post covid.

Tourism Mergers: a Post Covid-19 Economic Outlook

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Two major documents on certain positions on the tourism industry popped up on my WhatsApp number during the week. One is on the Orosanye reforms and the other on the position of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria ( FTAN), over sundry request for financial palliatives to the tourism sector badly hit by covid 19, tax holidays and the ventilator powers of the tourism economy generously captured.

Hotel Industry and the Upside of Post-Covid 19 Dispensation

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At the twilight of 2019, no one, predicted the global lockdown that has greatly affected the hotel and tourism industry. UNWTO reported that international tourists’ arrival grew by 4 % in 2019 to reach 1.5 billion and forecasts another 3% to 4% in 2020. With 2.4 million arrivals into Nigeria and many travelers moving within cities, countries and across continents, no one imagined the almost 360 degrees turn of events.

A Tourism Outlook on the Looting of Shops and Xenophobia in South Africa

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The looting of shops and the shutdown of several central business districts in several South African cities has unleashed violence and the destruction of property. The normal functioning of several cities has been disturbed by these acts, as public transportation was disturbed and this had a negative impact on employee attendance, destroying value for the public and private sector.

The attacks on foreign nationals and their property are associated with xenophobia and opportunistic acts of crime. These acts of crime and violence are nothing short of being home-grown terrorism, and a form of economic crime.


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I don’t know how you will feel when you hear the phrase “the place of no return” that is exactly where am taking you to right now. Ha! Haa!! Haaa!!! Someone is sacred, hmmm I can image how it was for those who were actually taken to place of no return those days it was painful and humiliating.

Wait a minute did I just say humiliating yes indeed because that is the only word within my grasp that I can possibly use to describe those event of yester years when talking about slave trade of those days. But today has turn out to be a one of most unique tourists attraction centre.

Understanding the Economics of Tourism in Nigeria

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In most gatherings of experts in the travel & hospitality industry, tourism as a tool in diversifying the Nigerian economy has received the most attention and provoked lots of intellectual comments. This is not surprising at all considering the huge potential that this particular sector possesses. In most developed and developing countries, tourism has enriched the economies of these countries thus becoming one of the major sources of income and a pillar of commerce. The decision to grow tourism into a consistent and sustainable means of income by these countries and to make it appealing to inbound and outbound tourists was not arbitrary, but rather deliberate and planned. Without a doubt, other countries like Nigeria are amazed to see the attendant economic implications this sector has birth.