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After India is Nigeria the next nation to look out for? By Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth,London,England

There are strange developments between Nigeria and India. India has a population of 1.36 Billion and the Nigerian Leader being the head of the worlds most populous black Nation is regarded as a torch bearer bearer of 1.2 Billion Blacks world wide and 1.2 billion Africans. Nigeria has the second fastest growing population after India.

Pandit Nehru was born November 14 1889 and the Next day, November 15 1889 saw the birth of Ooni of Ife,

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 00:00

6 best airport hotels in Nigeria

Airport hotels are strategically placed properties and are among the best options for anyone looking to catch a flight or make a quick trip. A stay near the airport typically means a pick for convenience sake and for many a weary or stranded traveler, the airport hotel is often a dubious notion at best, as generally, the airport hotel is often regarded as an austere torment for the most transient of travelers -a wallet draining means-to-an-end for travelers with canceled flights or a series of corporate group meetings.

Fortunately, there have been improvements over the years and newer transit hotels with enhanced technology and business services, eye-catching style, and amenities previously seen only at upscale resort properties are now emerging. Below, Jovago.comhighlights seven domestic airport hotels –all within ten miles of an airport- that are superb options for travelers around Nigeria.

Ilorin Airport Hotel & Suites

Well located at Air Force Junction, Off Airport Road Gbagba Area in Kwara State, Illorin Airport Hotel and Suites offers comfy bedding, satisfactory decor and is a favorite with business travelers visiting Ilorin. Although a budget hotel, it offers a gym, an onsite restaurant and bar, each room features an air conditioning, a flat screen TV with cable subscription and an en suite bathroom. Guests also enjoy a variety of meals at the restaurant. Outdoor dining is available. The hotel houses a well-equipped gym where guests workout.

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 00:00

8 Ways to have fun on a business trip to Lagos

At first, business travel seem to be a treat as the first trip gives a certain rush, however, after hundreds of thousands of stress induced panic attacks, you start to realize why people complain about travelling for work.
Between the early-morning airport shuttles, the flight delays that airlines are famous for, followed by a whirlwind day of meetings, and a long night on an extremely uncomfortable hotel bed that leaves you treading through deadlines like a zombie, business travel can be quite a chore!
In the quest to add some motivation and enjoyment into business travel, Jovago.com, Africa's No. 1 online hotel booking portal, has pulled together some of the most exciting ways to make business travel fun. After all, work, like social media, should be fun

Check out the sights
What is the point of traveling if you do not take a little time to explore your destination? Lagos is the best city in Nigeria to have fun as there are so many tourist sites and attractions you can visit on the island and mainland-; including the National Arts theatre, Black heritage Museum, Badagry, freedom park, African Shrine, Lekki conservation centre.

Monday, 31 August 2015 00:00

Top 5 business hotels in Lagos

Many business people find themselves traveling to Lagos for work. While Lagos has plenty to offer, it can be tough for them to find the perfect place to stay.

Aside from top-notch room service, reliable WiFi connections, easy-to-find data ports, and streamlined check-in and check-out policies, seasoned corporate travelers tend to ask questions like "how close is the hotel to the planned event?" and "can the hotel accommodate the meetings and spare their company the cost of renting out additional space?"

The truth is, not every hotel in Lagos is equipped to handle the needs of 21st-century business travelers. Fortunately, Jovago.com has gone through its database and have found the top hotels that are perfect for business travelers on the move. If you are planning a trip and need a place to start, you have come to the right place. Take a look at our top picks for business in Lagos, and get inspired!

Almost every frequent traveler would like to believe they are 'smart' about travelling, but the truth is, becoming a smart traveler is not determined by how often you go on the road or how much money you save on trips, rather it is determined how much you know about traveling in the shrewdest, most stylish way possible. The good thing about travelling smart is that it makes us better and wiser people.

If you are in Nigeria and you are interested in finding out how to be a smart traveler,Jovago.com, Africa's No. 1 online hotel booking portal has put together 10 key things you must know.

How to launder clothes in a sink.

Most hotels offer dry cleaning and laundry services, but if you think about it, the cost per garment is usually overpriced. Every clean person's little secret is being able to wash clothes on the go and the best way to do that is by using the sink in the bathroom of your hotel room. From luxury to budget travelers, everyone is bound to experience a laundry emergency at some point and forced to launder our own clothes effectively and quickly. Knowing how to wash your own clothes comes in handy.

STARS of the Nigerian entertainment industry, especially those in the movie and music segments, and other invited foreign stars will be hosted by the Ebonyi State Government tomorrow, according to the Committee on Culture and Tourism.
Those expected include Patoranking, Splash, Sinach, Tekno, Cha Cha Ekeh, Angela Okorie, Grace Amah, Andy Chukwu, Chita Agwu, Tracy and Treasure Daniels, among others.
Chairman of the committee, Dr. Jerry Uhuo, told the media that the event is being packaged to showcase to the world the state’s hidden potentials, using the entertainment industry as the driving force.
He noted that Ebonyi has great, hidden potentials that could boost its Internally Generated Revenue and end overdependence on crude oil if harnessed, adding: “If we had harnessed these kind of potentials, we wouldn’t have been talking about crude oil.
What we have is enough to give Ebonyi what it needs to develop. “We took time, as a committee, to tour over 40 tourist centres in Ebonyi and found that we have enough potentials to develop the state.

English is widely considered the universal language of travel, and so, many travelers often assume everyone they meet should speak some level of English. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. While staff at the airport, hotels and some restaurants in many cities might know a few words of English (as they often deal with visitors), the locals who rarely encounter foreigners may not speak any English at all.

If you are stuck in a city where no one speaks a language you understand, and you have no clue on how to survive, Jovago.com, presents 5 tips on how to help you communicate anyways.

Do not panic
While language difficulties can be frustrating and even scary sometimes, stay optimistic!  Fretting will only draw attention and encourage swindlers to take advantage of you. Employ logic and maintain a confident composure. No matter how dire your situation, you will cross the hurdle eventually.
Try gestures
Body language plays a huge role in communication. Try hand gestures and miming as they are almost universally understood.
You may be worried about looking silly, but as long as you get the results you want, this should be the least of your concerns. Simple hand gestures, miming, drawing and pointing go a long way towards breaking through any language barrier.
You however need to be careful with your gesticulations as seemingly innocent gestures in your own country could prove offensive elsewhere in the world. To play safe, it's wise to read up on taboos and hand gestures before using them.

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 00:00

Spots to Meet 'The One' In Lagos

Lagos has a way of keeping you super busy. Very often, you are caught  between weaving through traffic that never lets up and meeting deadlines at school or work. While spending time wandering Lagos' many restaurants, bars, and fun spots solo does not exactly sound like an idea of a good time, it presents great avenues to meet a soul mate.
If you need help with ideas on how and where to meet ' The One" in Lagos, Jovago.com, Africa's No. 1 online hotel booking site has the best spots.
Shoprite is the most popular shopping center in the city with locations in key areas of the metropolis; providing a surprising variety of opportunities to meet members of the opposite sex. Single men and women in Lagos prefer a rush in to pick needed groceries after work, or in the morning on weekends. Chances are you'll find someone who lives in your neighbor or likes the same flavours of spices or same cereal you do.
The good thing about Shoprite is that all its outlets are situated in malls with eateries next door. If things are going well, you can say "Hey, listen, I feel like going to grab a sharwarma at the food court, Come with me." Instant dates change the dynamic as you get a chance to flirt, banter and get that number.

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 00:00

Ways to Save Money on Meals While Traveling

If you love food as much as I do, it's rough to consider skimping on it, especially when you're on vacation. Along with hotel and entertainment, food costs while traveling can add up quickly. However, sampling local cuisine is one of the best ways to experience your destination, and that should not be sacrificed!Fortunately, you don't have to.Food is a necessity, and so it will always be one of the major expenses for anyone going on a trip or vacation.Along with hotel bills, food costs while traveling can quickly add up. Fortunately, there are many ways to please your palate on a trip without breaking the bank.What is the secret? Jovago.com, Africa's No. 1 online hotel booking site shares 5 easy ways to save money on meals while traveling.Eat like the locals, Hit the StreetsSome of the best budget food in the world comes from street vendors. It is hearty and cheap, and permits you to eat to your fill without shelling out too much money. Rather than patronize recommended tourist restaurants and cafes (which are usually overpriced) in the town you are visiting, ask questions and find out where the locals eat.
Tuesday, 04 August 2015 00:00

4 romantic spots to get a 'YES" in Ilorin

Popping the marriage question is no longer as simple as dropping on a knee in your favorite restaurant and presenting a ring, or hiding it in an ice-cream cone until your spouse finds it with her tongue. The bar has been raised.
People have become a little more creative with proposing to their girlfriends; either at the airport in superman costume, planning flash mobs, or putting up big-screen appearances at the cinemas.
In all, the hardest part is selecting the perfect place to get the woman of our dreams to say 'I Do'. While there may not be any rules about when exactly you should propose or what you should say when you do, the location of a proposal is almost as important as the ring.Luckily, if you live in Ilorin or are organizing a destination proposal there, thanks to Jovago.com, you will not have a hard time picking out a place charming enough for the deed.

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