Federation Calls for Cultural Tourism Development Zones Across Nigeria

Written by  |  Wednesday, 21 November 2018 00:00  |  Published in LEISURE TOURISM

The Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) held her annual Nigeria Tourism Investors Forum and Exhibition (NTIFE) on November 21st and 22nd 2018, at Sheraton Hotel Abuja, where the President of the Federation, Alhaji Saleh Rabo, called on both the Federal and State Governments to analytically look at the Nigeria’s tourism map and build motorable roads leading to and from tourist destinations.

US Embassy in Nigeria Funds Rock Arts Preservation

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The United States of America has continued to show its appreciation and support of Nigeria's rich cultural heritage and tourism assets. This is contrary to the popular perception that the current United States administration, led by President Donald Trump, has no regards for African values and treats Africa nations with disdain. 

Olojo Festival Symbolises the First Day of Creation - Ooni of IFE

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The Olojo Festival is a culture festival in the calendar of the Ile-Ife, Osun State which is located in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. It is the celebration of the remembrance of “Ogun”, god of Iron, who is believed to be the first son of Oduduwa, progenitor of the Yoruba people. The festival is held annually in October.

International Tourism Grew by 7% in 2017 - UNWTO

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International tourist arrivals grew 7% in 2017, the highest increase since 2010, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)’s latest collection of Tourism Highlights. Growth in arrivals was echoed by a strong increase in exports generated by tourism, which reached US$ 1.6 trillion in 2017, making tourism the world’s third-largest export sector.

Ghana Fam Trip: the Frills and Thrills of a Tourist

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Every year, Accra Weizo holds in Ghana as a forum to promote seamless travel in West Africa.  For this year’s event, the Ghana Tourism Authority(GTA), in collaboration with the organizers of Weizo, arranged a 3-day familiarization tour for delegates to Greater Accra, Eastern and Volta Regions. On June 19, 2018 a team of Travel Writers from Nigeria, left Lagos by road in a chartered bus operated by ABC Transport en route to Ho, capital city of the Volta Region. After an 8-hour journey, we arrived Ho, and checked into Chances Hotel.

Single Window Platform Integrates Security Agencies at Entry Points into Nigeria - President Buhari

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This is coming against the backdrop of a directive by the President to have a single window platform that will integrate all government agencies at all the entry points into the country to promote trade and boost security.

Why We Waded in and Resolved NATOP Crisis - FTAN President

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The President of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), Alhaji Saleh Rabo has said that FTAN decided to wade in and settle the disagreement among members of the National Association of Tour Operators (NATOP)  because of the importance of tour operators to the growth and development of tourism in Nigeria. He said the industry cannot develop under such acrimonious atmosphere, hence the decision by him and stakeholders in the tourism industry to call the warring parties to a peace meeting and resolve the crises.

Tourists Spend US$ 429 million in Brazil in May

Written by  |  Friday, 06 July 2018 00:00  |  Published in LEISURE TOURISM

The international tourists spent more in Brazil in May, comparing to the homologous period of 2017, reports the Ministry of Tourism. The Brazilian expenditure abroad also increased during this month.

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